BELL’s founder, the late Ray Bell, built his first project in 1970. This project laid the groundwork for what would eventually become one of the premier construction firms in the Southeast. In our 50+ years in business, BELL has provided high-quality construction services on more than 1,000 projects across the region.

While we are known for transforming skylines and developing rock-solid infrastructure, we strive to build more than what the eye can see through our commitment to our:

Clients, by operating with integrity and respect across all projects.

Team,by helping our people grow both personally and professionally through workforce development and internal training programs.

Communities, by giving of our time, money, and resources to make our world a better place to live, work, play, and learn. See how our team gives back.

In all we do, we strive to encompass our core values:


With continued success delivering complex projects, our clients know they can count on BELL ʪ to help them achieve their construction goals. Our high percentage of repeat business validates our reputation. No one can attest to the quality of our work or the excellence of our service like our clients can. We are proud to share their testimonials with you.


From Ray Bell’s first project in 1970 to today, we have successfully completed more than 1,000 projects across the Southeast.

In 1990, we expanded our operations by adding our Transportation team.Since then we have completed miles upon miles of roadways and hundreds of bridges, self-performing the majority of this work with our own workforce.

Bell & Associates ʪ was established in 1997 to allow future generations of leadership to take direct ownership in the company while continuing to promote the BELL brand and legacy. We now have ten owners in the firm.


We are — and always have been — a Tennessee-based company. Our team members and their families live in the communities in which we work, so they are personally invested in our local projects. With our headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee, the entire BELL team is easily accessible to our projects across the state and region. We are also intimately familiar with the area’s current construction environment, including:

ʪ Cost: We can assure our clients we will have the most accurate pricing as we develop our cost estimates.

Subcontractors/Vendors: Our strong relationships help guarantee that our trade partners give BELL their best pricing for our projects.

Requirements: We know the local building authority requirements and the enforcing personnel, allowing us to navigate the process efficiently.


Safety is BELL’s first core value and our top priority. Our goal is for all of our people to return home the same way they came to work that day.We involve our full team and our trade partners in our Safety Culture so that everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it in all aspects of their work.


BELL ʪ has been building to the highest quality of standards since our founding in 1970, so we are humbled when our accomplishments are recognized.Our employees, team, and projects have been honored by numerous organizations over the past 50+ years, and we are proud to highlight these awards.


BELL ʪ has been — and will always remain — committed to serving and supporting the areas in which we live, work, and play.We know the work we do as a company doesn’t mean nearly as much if we’re not giving back to the communities that support our business and employees.


We are focused from start to finish on getting the job done right the first time. BELL’s Director of Quality Control performs several tests and inspections throughout the preconstruction, design, and construction stages to ensure our work is meeting BELL’s high standards of excellence, which helps lessen the amount of changes, reworks, and budget overruns —contributing significantly to our clients’ satisfaction.


We employ various types of construction technology, which allows our project teams to efficiently manage BELL’s project and proactively identify any potential conflicts, saving both time and money.


We incorporate sustainable practices in each of our projects and our daily operations.With several accredited LEED professionals on the BELL ʪ team, we have built multiple LEED-certified facilities, as well as many more in compliance with other green building requirements.


We aim to make a positive impact by creating more equitable, diverse, and inclusive opportunities for our communities, clients, and company.We also encourage strong participation from small and diverse businesses on our projects, and have implemented a 10% goal (or higher) regardless of whether there are participation requirements set by the owner.


At BELL, we take care of our team members as if they were family. We collaborate both on and off the job, strengthening our relationships through community service, intramural sports, industry events, and personal friendships. We support each other, rallying behind team members going through difficult times. We celebrate professional successes, personal accomplishments, and life’s milestones together.

Ready to build your career with BELL ʪ?