At BELL, we understand the importance of fostering the growth and knowledge of the next generation of the construction workforce. We achieve this growth by providing an environment of open communication and hands-on involvement to ensure that the student is taught, challenged, and receives feedback for both successes and areas for improvement.

BELL actively seeks and engages up-and-coming talent by providing an environment in which college students can receive on the job experience, be mentored by a professional in the construction industry, and complete college internship/co-op requirements. 

Whether a student is interested in a future career in project management, jobsite supervision, estimating / preconstruction, safety, human resources, business, or marketing, BELL has numerous opportunities to align our resources for a mutually beneficial experience.

Internships and co-ops are available in various durations as short as a summer or as long as a multi-term rotation corresponding with a college curriculum rotation. Part-time internships during a semester are also available. 

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We regularly attend and sponsor college recruiting events on campuses across the Southeast, including:

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