We look at constructability and value engineering concurrently to ensure what we are recommending considers both installation and cost concerns. In the current state of economy, what we find most relevant is making sure that the materials we plan to use on the project are readily available and don’t provide lead time issues that impact the completion of the project schedule. Because of our team’s extensive experience, we have the inherent skills to effectively weigh out options for our clients.

Value Analysis / Value Engineering

Our approach to Value Engineering (VE) allows our preconstruction team to suggest alternatives to materials, equipment, and construction methods to enhance the project’s value and maintain the architect’s design intent. For BELL, VE is about maximizing value, not cutting costs.

In order to create a balance between cost and function, the BELL preconstruction team will review the design documents and collaborate internally and with any necessary external consultants to prepare a list of VA / VE items for consideration. Each item will consider the trade-offs between alternative building systems or construction methodology, budget (initial versus long-term cost), and impact on the construction schedule.

The items identified as VE opportunities are tracked individually in a log containing:

  • a description of the item
  • the amount of potential up-front or long-term savings
  • comments from the team regarding the item
  • whether the item is accepted, rejected, or pending consideration
  • the date by which a decision must be made to avoid impacting the project schedule

Not all decisions will result in cost decreases. There are times when the best decision is to accept an initial cost increase if it will result in improving the building’s life cycle costs, providing savings over time.

It is critical that the Owner, the design team, and BELL’s team together evaluate all presented VE options. When VE is approached as a team, informed decisions are made.

Constructability Reviews

The BELL Preconstruction Team understands its role to analyze the constructability of the design documents to assure the construction means and methods required to execute the project design are both feasible and cost effective. Identifying constructability issues prior to starting construction will save valuable time.

Our constructability reviews, which are performed by our Project Executive(s) and Director of Quality Control, are focused on:

  • Confirming design intent relative to construction means and methods
  • Ensuring the specifications allow multiple subs to bid (avoiding proprietary items)
  • Reviewing details relative to efficient sequencing of work
  • Confirming the systems specified provide the best value and long-term solutions
  • Confirming that the completed project can be easily maintained (accessibility of light fixtures, return air grilles, concealed components, etc.)

We complete constructability reviews in a timely manner to allow the design team to revise their design documents before they are issued for bidding. Doing so reduces the opportunity for scope gaps between bid packages and reduces the potential for change orders.