BELL ʪ is, and always has been, a true general contractor with the capability to build anything—big or small. While we provide extensive construction management services, we proudly self-perform construction work with our own crews.

With more than 150 field personnel employed directly by BELL, we have skilled craftsmen and general construction laborers available to work on our projects when needed.

Self-performing work on our projects means:

  • Cost-effective construction
  • Accelerated project schedule (no additional time needed to hire or initiate/negotiate subcontracts)
  • High level of quality control as we manage our own forces

Areas where we are able to self-perform work include:

  • Rough carpentry
  • Site work / infrastructure
  • Concrete placement
  • Erection of precast concrete panels
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Utility relocation
  • Layout
  • Concrete pavement removal and replacement
  • Pouring of grout
  • Reinforcing steel placement