In a ʪ Manager at Risk (also known as CM at Risk, CMAR, or CM/GC) delivery method, the Owner chooses BELL to serve as both the ʪ Manager and the General Contractor.

We partner directly with the Owner and Designer from concept to completion, working shoulder-to-shoulder with both, to ensure the project scope matches the established budget, that the highest level of quality is maintained, and that the project will be completed on-time.

Working as a team fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for the client’s construction project.

To help make sure the client gets the best value for their budget, we coordinate all subcontractor bids and determine a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for construction. Once the GMP is established, BELL serves as the GC to provide construction services.

CMAR or CM/GC arrangements provide the following benefits:

  • Inclusion of preconstruction services to help ensure the project scope matches the Owner’s budget and timeline
  • A seamless transition from the preconstruction phase to the construction phase with the same team members involved
  • Access to our builder’s perspective from the outset, which can lead to earlier awareness of costs, the implementation of early release packages, and faster project delivery
  • Ability to lock in a final construction cost earlier in the process and have subsequent changes clearly quantified and priced

Our team ensures a CM/GC or CMAR project’s success by:

  • Being actively involved in the preconstruction phase
  • Providing meaningful input during the design
  • Confirming all design activities proceed as required
  • Providing detailed milestone cost estimates
  • Providing value engineering alternatives
  • Prequalifying subcontractors
  • Preparing clearly defined bid packages, including early release packages
  • Implementing the construction schedule aggressively yet efficiently
  • Controlling costs during construction
  • Developing and implementing a quality control plan
  • Implementing a safety plan with the goal of completing the project with zero lost-time accidents
  • Providing monthly progress reports communicating the current project status
  • Closing out the project promptly
  • Performing warranty inspections and follow-up

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