Public health & safety agencies are part of the essential infrastructure of a community, playing a critical role in the security and overall well-being of residents in a community.

Because BELL is a locally owned and operated company whose employees live where we build, our team members are all personally invested in the success our projects, especially when it comes to public health & safety facilities. We are intimately familiar with both the building codes and requirements of the jurisdiction, as well as the unique needs of the communities being served, giving us an intrinsic perspective throughout both the preconstruction and construction phases.

Our public health & safety experience includes work in both rural and urban communities. Our projects have included entities that serve anywhere from small towns to large metropolitan areas to full counties, including:

  • sheriff’s offices & police departments
  • courts of law, including large justice / judicial centers
  • correctional facilities, including behavioral health units
  • fire stations
  • health departments

These projects encompass a variety of spaces to meet the wide range of needs of these agencies, including administrative offices and meeting rooms, minimum to maximum security detainment areas, automotive repair and storage garages, chemical handling spaces, medical treatment areas, tactical training areas, employee amenities (including break rooms, kitchens, fitness/gym facilities, locker rooms, showers, and sleeping quarters).

Our Work